PA Student Journalism Program


The PSNE has reached out to select Pennsylvania universities to share top student work with Pennsylvania newspapers for publication. Here are the first submissions; others will follow as the program expands. Pennsylvania editors may take download stories and publish them in print and/or online. Please notify the respective student adviser and the student when you use a story, and perhaps send a tear sheet to the student.


Send feedback on this initiative to the PSNE, and the board will discuss how it's working and how it may be expanded. Feedback should be sent to


Penn State University:
Contact: John Dillon at

Women Owning Pepper Business

PSU Go-Green Official 

Making First Croissants 

Helper Team 

Team Mom 

PSU Forensic 

Young Mechanic 

Cancer Child 

Huang Smoking Ban 

Mamola Facebook Editing 

Miniac Zombie Game 

Simpson Skating Changes

Point Park University:
Contact: Andrew Conte at aconte@PointPark.EDU

Market Square Construction 

Threatened at Home 


Rebecca Morris opened her shop, Wildcard, in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood because she thought the region needed an outlet for crafters. Photo by Heidi Murrin, Tribune-Review.

All the World's a Stage