Edith Hughes Community Workshop @ PNA Headquarters, 3899 N. Front Street, Harrisburg, PA



Formerly known as the "Weekly Renewal Workshop", this workshop has been renamed in honor of Edith Hughes and expanded and enhanced to include community newspapers.  We encourage reporters and editors of weekly publications, community newspapers and community sections to attend this one-day workshop which covers a variety of topics each year.  Held in the Spring, this valuable training is brought to you by the PNA Foundation and the Pennsylvania Society of News Editors (PSNE) with the generous support of Trib Total Media.



Cost is just $15 per person (lunch included) for this full day of sessions (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) that will help you enhance your skills and get re-energized! And, you may be eligible for a $150 travel scholarship to attend this workshop! 


Information about the 2015 workshop, including travel scholarship information, will become available in February. 



About the program:  When Edith Hughes died at age 79, in Sept. 2011, she was serving as director of community relations for Trib Total Media as well as editor of two magazines. She spent 65 years as a reporter, proofreader and executive editor. A skilled writer and tough editor, Hughes trained several generations of young reporters working at Gateway community newspapers in Monroeville, mentoring, teaching and influencing their fledgling careers.  Hughes was a very active and committed member of PSNE coordinating the Weekly Renewal Workshop for many years.  She was also instrumental in updating and enhancing the Keystone Press Awards, always with a keen eye for recognizing community and weekly papers.  In honor of Edith's memory, Trib Total Media co-sponsors this annual workshop with the PSNE and the PNA Foundation.


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