The Pennsylvania Society of News Editors, in keeping with the rights and privileges granted by the First Amendment, believes journalists have a unique obligation to serve the public interest through the independent, honest and fearless pursuit of the truth. It believes that integrity and credibility lie at the heart of that mission and, in order to uphold those values and serve the public trust, journalists must conduct themselves in accordance with the very highest professional and ethical standards.


The PSNE presents these guidelines as a resource for newsrooms toward the development of their own ethics guidelines, and as a public statement of its core ethical principles. 



The PSNE recognizes that no single set of principles can address all possible situations. These guidelines are not absolute rules; they are a framework for thoughtful discussion of and decision making on ethical issues. Journalists should use common sense and good judgment in applying these guidelines to specific ethical issues that arise in their newsrooms, making sure decisions are appropriate, while maintaining their organization's independence, integrity and credibility.


View PSNE's complete Ethics Guidelines here:  PSNE_ethics_guidelines.pdf.